5 Steps to a Beautiful Spring Landscape

March landscaping is a mixed bag. You have new flowers dotting the yard, baby birds chirping in their nests, and fresh grass springing up. You also have piles of branches from winter pruning, graying mulch from fall yard maintenance, and old, dead thatch clumping up the lawn. Give the new room to grow by clearing out the old. Here’s everything you need to spring clean your yard.

5 Steps to Spring Cleaning the Landscape

  1. Trim your trees. Most summer-blooming woody plants should be pruned in the winter, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do come spring. This is the ideal time to remove branches damaged by winter storms. And the best time to prune spring-blooming trees and shrubs is late spring after they’ve spent their blooms.
  2. ladybug on grass bladeCut and divide perennials. Spring is the season to trim ornamental grasses and divide perennials. When dividing flowers, leave at least three stems per clump.
  3. Clean up flowerbeds. If your flowerbeds are full of rotting leaves, fallen twigs, and other organic debris, take the time to clean them up. Lay a new layer of mulch to protect your perennials and make flowerbeds look fresh and clean.
  4. Test your soil. You may need to adjust the pH with fertilizer or other soil supplements before planting.
  5. Tend your tools. Sharpen mower blades, clean rust off trowels and shovels, and make sure your edge trimmer is running smoothly.

Need help cleaning up the yard? Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to get a fresh start this spring.