5 Signs That Tree Needs to Go

Do you have a drunk tree in your yard? Maybe it’s been a problem for months, and you just haven’t had the time to call a tree removal service. Or maybe a storm uprooted part of the tree and you want it taken care of ASAP. Mr. Tree is a fully licensed and insured tree removal company that’s been serving the Gainesville community for years. Do you need to give us a call? Ask yourself these questions to determine if that tree needs removing.

5 Signs It’s Time to Call Mr. Tree

  1. house surrounded by treesIt’s sick. If your tree has dead branches and decaying roots, it’s structurally unsound. Don’t wait for it to fall on it’s own, possibly taking other trees, power lines, or part of your house with it. Call a Gainesville tree removal service before the disease spreads or the tree topples.
  2. It wants to come inside. If your tree is growing too close to the house, its branches may hang over the roof and its roots may damage the foundations of your home. No matter how much you love it, it’s not a part of the family. Remove the tree before it damages your home.
  3. It’s leaning. While a slight lean is nothing to worry about, a tree leaning at an angle of 15 degrees or more likely has a weakened root system. It will fall sooner or later, so you should take care of the problem before it gets worse.
  4. It’s hollow. Hollow tree trunks may make nice homes for wildlife, but they’re not a good choice for your yard. While a hollow tree may continue to thrive, it’s much more likely than a sturdier tree to fall during a storm.
  5. It’s weathered a storm. Fallen branches are nothing to worry about, but if a storm damages more than 50% of a tree, it’s dangerous. Call an emergency tree removal service ASAP.

Don’t risk a disaster. Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to remove hazardous trees from your yard.