5 Most Common Lawn Diseases in Florida

red mushroomsLawn disease is a problem folks in Florida don’t have to worry about as much as our neighbors to the north. But sometimes heat, humidity, and poor irrigation combine to create brown, sickly spots in your yard. What are the most common culprits of lawn disease in Gainesville?

Common Lawn Diseases in Florida

  1. Brown patch fungus. Landscapes with St. Augustine or Zoysia grass are particularly susceptible to brown patch fungus, which develops when high levels of heat combine with significant moisture. Look for it in the summer and fall, when heat, humidity, and rainfall are at their highest. To treat brown patch fungus, use targeted fungicides and refrain from adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil.
  2. Dollar spot fungus. At first no larger than a silver dollar, dollar spot fungus spreads quickly, killing the grass all the way to the root. Other signs of dollar spot fungus include grass blades with pale marks of infection and cobwebs on the grass with the morning dew. Once dollar spot fungus takes root, the only solution is to remove infected grass and plug the area with new sod.
  3. Gray leaf spot. When gray leaf spot takes hold, the grass blades develop brown spots that may have velvety patches. It’s caused by overwatering and, once spread, causes grass to become thin and patchy.
  4. Rust fungus. Does your lawn look like it’s been left out to rust? That orangey powder is a fungus that leaves your landscape vulnerable to other lawn diseases. Overwatering is a primary cause of rust fungus; it’s particularly vicious in shaded areas where water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.
  5. Fairy rings. This natural phenomenon might give itself away with a cluster of mushrooms in a perfect circle, but just as often they’re simply a round patch of vivid green grass. Fairy rings are said to be bad luck if you step inside, but they’re bad for your lawn regardless. Fairy ring fungus spreads along the roots, leaching nitrogen from grass. Aerate the lawn and water regularly to keep the roots healthy.

Regular landscape maintenance is the best way to prevent lawn disease. Professional lawn care solve irrigation issues, maintain your yard, and solve any problems causing your grass to wither and die. Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to schedule your Gainesville landscape maintenance today.