5 Family-Friendly Landscaping Tips

family enjoying lawnOne of the best things about signing up for regular lawn care from Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is having more time to spend with family. Don’t waste your Saturday mornings toiling over your lawn; just call us for Gainesville lawn maintenance and you can spend your weekends enjoying outdoor time with your kids instead!

With regular lawn maintenance and smart design, your yard can be an extension of your home, providing a space for active fun and relaxation with your family. Read on for some tips on family-friendly landscape design to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

  • Leave room for active play– Include plenty of open lawn in your landscaping plans, giving kids room to run, play, and kick or throw a ball around.
  • Choose low-maintenance plantings– If you love gardening or don’t mind paying a gardener, by all means plant high-maintenance flowers and shrubs in your yard. If you want it to look attractive without having to invest much time or money in upkeep, opt for hardy shrubs and flowering trees.
  • Create a durable lawn- You want a yard that your family can actually use and enjoy, so it’s important to plant grass that can stand up to some foot traffic. Bermuda is a good choice in subtropical climates like ours here in Gainesville.
  • Preserve natural areas- If you have a large and/or wooded lot, try to leave some spaces more natural. This will give your kids some space for exploration and imagination, and can give you more scenic bang-for-your-buck. Of course, natural doesn’t have to mean completely untamed. Let us help you keep your wooded areas looking great (and safer for kids) with debris removal, leaf maintenance, and mulch installation.
  • Set aside space for specific activities- Think about your family’s wants and needs and allocate your space accordingly to allow for a swing set, play fort, dining area, basketball court, etc.

Photo by photostock via freedigitalphotos.net