4 Landscaping Resolutions for 2017

Are you ready for a healthy, vital, beautiful new year? No, we’re not talking about your resolution to drink more water. We’re talking about these New Year’s resolutions for your landscape.

4 New Year’s Resolutions for the Lawn and Garden

  1. happy family outside“I will treat myself to my dream landscape.” Have you been silently wishing for a fire pit, stone walkway in the garden, or a fresh arrangement of bright, colorful blooms by the porch? Now is the time to make a budget, draw up the plans, and make your dream landscape a reality.
  2. “I will consider water conservation.” With Alachua County’s water restrictions, conservation should already be on your radar. But you can go above and beyond city ordinances. Consider replacing part of your lawn with low-maintenance trees and shrubs. Plant trees around your property to provide shade and slow evaporation. And always make sure your irrigation system falls in line with city guidelines.
  3. “I will ask for help.” There are never enough hours in the day. No need to fret! If your spouse and kids are too busy to pitch in, call up Mr Tree and Lawn Service. We provide commercial and residential landscaping services in Gainesville.
  4. “I will create welcoming outdoor spaces.” Your landscape is lush and lovely. Enjoy it! Upgrade your patio furniture, add a bench swing outside, and upgrade your entertaining areas with a new grill. Then sit back, relax, and love your lawn.

2017 is almost here! See why your neighbors love us, and let’s dig into a beautiful new year.