3 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Landscaping

Gainesville apartment landscapingWhether you own a large apartment complex or a single rental house, landscaping is an important part of the package. Keeping the grounds looking neat and tidy is a basic requirement for keeping your tenants happy, but that’s just the beginning. Read on to learn 3 more reasons to hire Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to take care of all your Gainesville apartment lawncare needs.

Stand out

Beautiful landscaping is an eye-catcher, so yours needs to be on point, especially at the entrance to an apartment community. An attractive entrance will grab the attention of those who drive by and make that all-important first impression on potential renters. The same goes for rental houses. An attractive front yard and pleasant backyard will help potential renters envision themselves living there and be proud to call it home.

Increase security

Security is a major concern for renters, and properties that have repeated problems gain a negative reputation that is hard to salvage. Smart landscaping can help prevent crime and keep your tenants safe. For instance, keeping shrubs in front of windows trimmed short can prevent a robber from using them for cover. Trimming trees that are close to buildings can prevent a criminal from using them to gain entry to upper levels. Your landscape design can also add security, for instance including plenty of lighting, planting thorny bushes under windows, and using pea gravel or some other loud, crunchy ground covering that would give away an intruder attempting to access a backdoor or window.

Add amenities

The grounds of your apartment complex or the yard of your rental home can be wasted space… or you can turn them into a selling point! At apartments, outdoor areas are community space. Embrace that by making these shared areas welcoming, fun, and social. For instance, you could turn a grassy, open space into a picnic area with a few tables, a grill, and a bocce or horseshoes court. Add benches under the trees to turn your grounds into a park.

When it comes to single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartment buildings, creating an outdoor dining area, a fire pit, or even just adding a swing or bench for enjoying a book can transform empty space into an amenity. Perfectly manicured grassy space is also a huge selling point for families with children who need space to run and play.

No matter what type of rental property you own, we can help you bring out its full potential with detail-oriented lawn care and tree services. Contact us today at 352-682-4444 to schedule a free estimate!

Photo by DC Gardens via Flickr (CC by 2.0)