3 Tips to Remember While Improving Your Company’s Landscape

Commercial Lawn Care ServicesThe exterior of your business is often your customer’s first impression. If your landscape and the surrounding trees are overgrown and disheveled, customers and potential clients may not come inside.

However, if it is well kept and beautiful, they are more likely to do business with you. At Mr. Tree, we have a variety of commercial lawn care services to benefit your business!

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Avoid the following mistakes by allowing the Mr. Tree professionals to take care of your lawn.

Improper Pruning

Did you know there is a science behind how to cut limbs from trees? Not only how to cut, but also what to cut and when to cut it. You don’t want to cut just any branch – doing so may permanently wound the tree! The team at Mr. Tree is extremely knowledgeable about pruning and knows exactly where and what to cut in order for healthy trees to thrive.

Incorrect Planting

Billions of trees around the world are taller than houses. They loom over us like majestic giants. You would think that their roots are as deep as they are tall. However, this isn’t true! Healthy trees have a shallow root system. If they are planted too deep, the trees do not get the necessary oxygen, warmth, and water from the world around it.

Inaccurate Mulching

The amount of mulch that looks good versus the amount of mulch that is healthy for a tree is vastly different. If you pile too much mulch against the tree trunk, air isn’t able to get to the bark. The bark will develop moisture and won’t be able to dry out. Fungi will form from the wet bark and the trunk will start to decay. In order to grow healthy trees, keep mulch away from the trunk.

Combining these tips and allowing us to take care of your landscape will increase your curb appeal and help your business grow. Contact Mr. Tree today!