3 Tips for Fall Lawn Care North Florida

lawncare GainesvilleJust because summer is over doesn’t mean you can neglect your lawn until spring! Fall in north Florida is actually an important time for lawn care and gardening, as the preparations you do now will affect the quality of your lawn come spring. Your yard can also start to look a bit worse for wear around this time, so it’s a good idea to reevaluate your landscaping and make changes to carry you into fall and winter. Below are 3 fall lawncare tips from Mr. Tree and Lawn Service. Don’t hesitate to call us for fall lawncare in Gainesville!

Refresh your flower beds

Remove plants that are past their prime and replace them with plants that will look good far into fall. For fall color, opt for zinnia, celosia, ageratum, or wax begonia.

Plant bulbs

Bulbs must be planted in the fall in order to bloom in the spring, a great way to add beautiful splashes of color to your yard. Consider options like calla lilies, narcissus, zephyr lilies, and alocasia.

Troubleshoot your lawn

If you have a Zoysia, Bahia, St. Augustine, or Bermuda grass lawn, it’s time to fertilize. However, it’s important not to expose your lawn to too much phosphorus, so opt for a fertilizer with little to no phosphorous. For the best results, use a controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer to keep your lawn going strong well into fall or winter. Do not use “weed and feed” products- if you need to get rid of weeds, use an herbicide only in the area where the weeds are a problem.

There are plenty of pests that can plague your lawn in the fall, so watch for signs of infestation from armyworms, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and mole crickets.

Need help with your fall yard maintenance? Mr. Tree and Lawn can help! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and find out how our Gainesville lawncare company can keep your lawn looking great.

Photo by Hans via Pixabay