3 Reasons to Remove or Prune Trees in Winter

winter tree removal in GainesvilleIf you’ve been putting off removing trees from your yard or pruning your trees, now is a great time to act! Here at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we can help you get your yard and trees in shape for the winter with a variety of Gainesville landscape maintenance services, including debris removal, lawn care, tree trimming, and tree/stump removal.

Read on to learn why winter is one of the best times for trimming and tree removal in Gainesville, and give us a call at 352-682-4444 to get a free estimate!

It pays to plan ahead

One reason to go ahead and remove trees now (or have them strategically pruned) is that it will improve your landscaping when spring rolls around. This is especially true if you are trying to thin the canopy and allow more light to reach your lawn.

Less risk for trees

Winter in north Florida is the dry season, and while it rarely gets very cold here, the temperatures are blessedly cooler than our sweltering summer months. This poses less risk when pruning the tree, reducing the chance of infection in the limb wounds where branches are removed.

Easier access

Another benefit of having a tree removed in the winter is that it’s much easier for us to access trees when the ground is firmer. During the summer, Florida’s rainy weather can soften the ground and make it a muddy mess. That not only makes it harder for us to do our job, but also increases the amount of damage to turf and landscaping. By having tree removal and pruning performed in the winter, you limit the collateral damage to your existing landscaping.

Now’s the best time for tree services in Gainesville, so don’t wait! Contact us today.


Photo by vasanthkumar via Pixabay