3 Reasons to Invest in Your Trees with Regular Tree Service

Gainesville tree companyTrees have many benefits to you as a homeowner, at least when cared for on a regular basis. They can help you save energy, add privacy to your house, and even boost your home’s property value through curb appeal. At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, our Gainesville tree service company can help you keep those trees healthy and attractive. Read on to learn some of the substantial benefits trees offer for your home.

Trees can help you save energy

When placed west or south of the house, trees offer a relatively solid buffer against hot afternoon sunshine in summer. Even if some light filters through the leaves once the sun slips behind the trees, the amount of light reaching your windows is reduced to the point that it doesn’t heat up the air in your home very much.

While it’s less applicable to us here in Florida, trees can also keep your home warm in winter. A row of trees placed in the path of prevailing winter winds in your area create a windbreak that stops cold air from rushing toward your house. The exterior temperature is cold, but the windbreak provided by the trees decreases windchill.

Trees can provide privacy 

Even smaller trees can make it harder for people outside the home to see inside. Maintaining a wooded landscape in front and back can add some much-appreciated privacy from neighbors on all sides.

Protecting your trees protects property value

When properly maintained, trees are simply beautiful and can make your home much more attractive from the street, not to mention providing lovely views from inside. With regular tree maintenance services, your trees are an asset to the overall value of your home, a definite benefit when it comes time to sell.

Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to schedule regular Gainesville tree service and keep the trees around your home looking gorgeous!

Photo by Briget Murphy via Flickr (CC by 2.0)