3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

residential lawn care There are many reasons to hire a lawn service company, from saving time out of your busy schedule to enjoying the results only professional equipment and expertise can provide. However, not all lawn services offer the same level of quality and value! Before you hire a Gainesville lawn care company, make sure you ask these important questions.

  • What are your credentials? At Mr. Tree and Lawn, we are licensed, insured, and hold an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Never let a contractor or service provider of any kind do work on your house or property without verifying that they have the proper licenses and insurance coverage.
  • How long have you been in the industry? There are lots of “lawn care companies” out there, but some offer a much higher level of service than others. Many of the lawn service providers you will encounter are just hobbyists making some money on the side, as opposed to knowledgeable lawn care experts. When you hire us, you are benefiting from our 20+ years of experience in the industry!
  • How much will this cost? Reputable lawn care companies will explain their pricing structure and exactly what is included in your service. Steer clear of companies that are vague about their pricing and services when asked. Also remember that you get what you pay for. We offer affordable lawn care in Gainesville while always keeping quality in mind. There will always be some company offering even cheaper services, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust them with your yard!

For a free estimate on affordable lawn mowing and other lawn care services, contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service today!

Photo by suphakit73 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net