3 Keys To A Perfect Lawn

Are you prepared for the summer? Do you know how to handle your lawn during the hottest part of the year? If you answered “no” to either of those questions you should continue reading, as we at Mr. Tree will provide you with a few ways to ensure you are ready for the Florida heat this summer.

green healthy grass

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating is essential to having healthy grass. You can aerate with anything really, as long as it can puncture the ground, breaking up the soil and roots beneath it. A common tool used for aerating is a pitch fork as it consists of several points to help the job go by quicker. Aerating is important because it gives your lawn space to breathe and gives space for the essential nutrients to get down into the roots.

Change The Height Of Your Lawn Mower’s Blade

Looking at the top of the blades of grass in your lawn you may notice that the top third looks very flimsy or leafy. Adjust the blade of your lawn mower to just cut off that top portion of the blade. And don’t worry about raking up the excess that is cut off, as there are essential minerals in the cut grass that can help the rest of the yard grow healthy. If you cut the grass too low, the roots of the grass can be exposed. Exposing the roots of your grass can cause them to get too much sun, which burns the roots and gives your grass a “dead” look.

Know The Right Amount And How Often To Water

Some people are under the impression that they should water their lawn a little bit every day. That’s not the most efficient way to hydrate your lawn. When you water a little at a time, you’re only watering the top of the blades. If it is a hot day out with a lot of sunlight, the sun can evaporate the moisture before it gets down into the roots. Instead, water more deeply but less frequently. Doing this will allow the water to get down into the roots which is where the water is really needed.

If you practice these different tips on your lawn, you will be amazed at how green and healthy your lawn can look. If you would prefer that a lawn care service does all of this for you, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tree. We know what good grass looks like, and we are dedicated to giving you the best lawn care service in Gainesville.

The Keys To A Beautiful Lawn

Your lawn is one of the most important parts of your home. When guests arrive or neighbors drive by, you want them to see a beautiful, well-kept yard. Beyond the visual appearance, it’s also healthy for your lawn to do regular upkeep. Listed below are several important ways to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

green grass

Lay New Sod

When you look at your lawn, what is it that takes up the most space? For most people it’s the grass. If your lawn looks lackluster, you can give it a quick visual boost by laying new sod. Give your lawn the lively look it deserves. This is the perfect time of the year to lay new sod, because spring brings in the rain, but we’re haven’t reached the full heat of summer. New sod requires plenty of water and you are certain to get that right about now.

Mow Regularly

Mowing the lawn is very important if you want great curb appeal. Grass is very similar to your hair. It is important to trim your hair to keep it healthy. Creating a mowing schedule can help you keep on track and keep healthy grass growing the way you want it to. Just make sure to adjust your mower height for summer!

Maintaining the Lawn

  • Aerating your grass is crucial if your lawn is going to receive the right amount of oxygen. You can use a pitch fork or other spiky object to puncture holes in the lawn, loosening the compacted soil. This allows space for oxygen, water, and other important nutrients.
  • Remove weedsWeeds can be some of the worst pests your lawn will encounter. Removing them is simpler when the weeds are younger. To properly destroy the weed, it’s important to dig the weed up and remove the entire root.
  • Remove old tree stumpsThis can be one of the most important steps in preserving your lawn. Old tree stumps can continue growing underground, and their roots destroy water pipes and nearby sidewalks. Not to mention they’re unattractive! Avoid problems by removing them early.

At Mr. Tree in Gainesville we can help with all of your lawn care needs. We offer free estimates, affordable lawn care, and lawn care tips and tricks.

The Beautiful National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week is right around the corner! This first week in June is the time to show off your masterpiece to friends and neighbors, as well as educate yourself on the different elements of gardening. As this wonderful week approaches, we at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville, FL want to provide you with ways to get involved.

Beautiful Vegetables From A Garden

If gardening is not something you are already participating in, we encourage you to get started! There are plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) packs that can get you on your gardening feet.

National Gardening Week is a time for you to show your garden to all of your friends. You can get ideas from them that can help you enhance your garden! The size of your garden doesn’t matter during National Garden Week. Just be creative and be prepared to showcase your landscape.

You will notice an increase in gardening awareness and education in your area during this week. If you are interested in learning more about gardening and the importance of National Gardening Week, keep an eye out in your communities. You’ll probably see a lot of fun events at garden centers in Gainesville.

At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service we would like to extend our assistance to you in whatever way we can. We offer quality advice to you as you start your garden or look to improve an existing one. For inquiries about your situation or ways we can help, please contact us by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Important Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

As you start thinking about clearing trees out of yard, it’s time to consult Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville, GA. It’s a great idea to remove stumps from the lawn. In fact, it makes your landscape healthier! But when it comes to such a specialized task, it’s a good idea to let the professionals handle it. Why?

Tree Stump To Be Removed

  • The roots of a remaining tree stump can be dangerous. As they continue to grow they can take hold of your water pipes and snap them in half. They can also grow into the foundation of your house or walking sidewalk areas. Tree roots can cause damage to structures around your home.
  • Tree stumps can be an eyesore and a hazard. A tree stump in your yard is nothing more than a stump. It looks bad and serves no beneficial purpose. They can also become hazards in your yard. While out walking in your yard you could trip and fall over the stump. This is especially common with elderly folks.
  • They may be an obstruction to potential work. If you are looking to add on to your house, the damage caused by roots and the general existence of the tree stump can cause complications in your plans. While you are mowing your lawn, you will have to redirect around the tree stump, interrupting the pattern of your lawn.

Eliminating tree stumps can help you avoid all of these potential issues. We are more than happy to help! All you need to do is call!

Topping Trees (and Other Pruning Mistakes)

A beautiful tree can transform a landscape. So can an ugly one. How can you avoid ruining your landscape with an unattractive tree? Make sure to avoid these common tree trimming mistakes.

5 Trimming Mistakes That Ruin Trees

  1. Topping. Have you ever driven past a row of crape myrtles with ugly, stumpy tops? This hack-and-slash pruning technique is called topping (also known as crape murder). It leaves trees weak, unattractive, and with a long road to recovery.
  2. Over pruning. It may be tempting to chop every branch that looks out of place, but over pruning leaves trees susceptible to disease and decay. If you find yourself tempted to trim half of the branches away, it may be better to remove the tree entirely.
  3. Abusing the canopy. Raising the crown of a tree can let sunlight filter to the grass, remove dangerous branches, and improve curb appeal. But when you raise it too high or prune only the interior of the canopy, you leave the tree looking strange, stunted, and vulnerable.
  4. cherry blossomsPoor technique. Many homeowners are tempted to cut branches flush to the tree trunk. This practice removes the branch collar, which helps the trunk heal the wound. Cutting a branch too close to the trunk leaves it vulnerable to pests and disease that enter at the site of the cut.
  5. Bad timing. Every tree has its season. While it’s advisable to prune dangerous or storm-damaged branches when the problem occurs, stick to seasonal pruning and shaping at the right time of year for each species.

Don’t stress about trimming your trees. Leave it to the pros. Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to trim, shape, or remove trees from your Gainesville property.

Raising the Crown

No, we’re not talking about the drama series depicting Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. Call us common, but we’re talking about basic best practices of tree trimming. Raising the canopy of a tree can improve its health and function in your yard. But as Winston Churchill discovered with the Queen, raising the crown is no easy task. Do it right, and you’ll have a flourishing landscape for decades to come. But any mistake could have disastrous effect. Mr. Tree shares how to raise a crown the right way.

How to Raise a Canopy

Raising the crown of a tree is a common tree trimming practice with big benefits. When done right it:

  • Keeps the canopy away from power lines and traffic
  • Prevents branches from hanging over homes and buildings
  • Creates a more attractive view, both from the house and from the curb
  • Lets more light filter through
  • Opens space beneath the canopy for kids to play

So what’s the problem? Pruning too much, pruning too fast, or pruning the wrong branches can cause discoloration of the wood, trunk rot, or unexpected growth. That’s why lifting a tree canopy requires skill and forethought. So how can you ensure it’s done right?

Tips for Raising a (Tree) Crown

  1. floral crownThink ahead. The foundation of a healthy tree is its trunk. When you remove all of its branches, you put it at risk for sunscald and other diseases. Instead, prune away lower branches slowly over the course of several years.
  2. Respect the heavy hitters. Large lower branches have supported and shaded your tree while it grew. If you remove these limbs entirely, your trunk can easily decay. Thin these branches instead of removing them.
  3. Protect the future. Young trees have a lot of life ahead, but they’re more vulnerable than established trees. Never trim more than 25% of a young tree.

Need help from the pros? Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for tree trimming services in Gainesville.

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Summer Landscape

In a few short weeks, summer vacation officially arrives. In a few weeks + one day, your yard will be overrun with laughing, shouting, running kids. Is your yard ready for summer break? Transform your backyard into a family paradise with these tips from Mr. Tree and Lawn Service.

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Backyard

You don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal to create a backyard space for the kids. A few simple changes will make the lawn a summer oasis for both kids and adults.

  • boy crawling in flowersPlant trees. Not only will planting trees help lower energy costs by shading the house, they’ll provide a cool place to play for the kids.
  • Build a sandbox. Do you have toddlers or young children? A sandbox will provide hours of play, and they’re inexpensive to build. Make your kids’ play area more visually appealing by bordering it with perennials and small shrubs. When the kids outgrow the sandbox, you can transform it into a raised vegetable garden or flowerbed.
  • Choose wisely. Rose bushes may be beautiful, but thorns aren’t kid-friendly, especially if you have curious toddlers. Leave the prickly bushes for a few years down the line. Plant sweet smelling flowers and plants kids can interact with like lamb’s ear.
  • Lay the groundwork. Remove any flowerbeds or obstructions that may cause kids to take a tumble. Give them a clear place to walk by laying a stone pathway from the back door to the sandbox or playground.

Need help renovating and maintaining the landscape? Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville.

Give Your Lawn a Spring Makeover

Is your lawn fresh enough for spring? Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can help! By the time we’re through with your yard, it will be trimmed, pressed, and ready to impress.

Spring Clean Up Services in Gainesville

Mr. TreeIf you think clutter piles up in your closets, it has nothing on nature. Yards collect mess like bees collect pollen. And if you haven’t had a chance to spring clean your yard yet, you have winter debris to worry about too. The solution is simple: call Mr. Tree. We’ll take care of yard cleanup from roots to canopy, so you’re left with a no mess, no stress yard that’s sure to impress the neighbors. Want great curb appeal for spring? We customize our services for the needs of each individual landscape. Mr. Tree’s Gainesville lawn clean-up includes:

  • Cleaning away fallen leaves, branches and twigs, and winter lawn debris
  • Mowing and edging the lawn
  • Edging, cleaning, and refreshing spring flowerbeds
  • Installing mulch around porches, playgrounds, and plants
  • Redefining the borders of the landscape
  • Weed control services
  • Pruning trees and shrubs, trimming hedges, and removing debris
  • Aerating the lawn and reseeding as necessary

Does your yard require more involved services like removing dangerous trees, grinding tree stumps, and removing storm-damaged tree limbs? Mr. Tree has over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential tree services in Gainesville. We can take care of problem trees while we beautify the rest of your lawn. Call today and ask about our introductory pricing for new customers.

Win $50 for Spring Lawn Care!

We’re not the only ones who are excited about spring. April is Lawn and Garden Month, a yearly reminder to plant your annuals, trim your hedges, and readjust your mower height for a healthy spring lawn. And Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is here to help! We’re giving you a chance to win a $50 credit towards any landscaping service. Now that’s something to get excited about!

Lawn and Garden Month Giveaway

lawn and garden month contestDo you need to trim the trees, clip the hedges, or edge the lawn? Spring is a busy time. Let us take care of yard work for you! Our Lawn and Garden Month contest gives customers old and new a chance to win $50 toward spring lawn care services. Here’s how it works:

  1. Comment on our April giveaway announcement on Facebook. Share your best picture of your family, your pets, or both enjoying the yard. Show us why you want that $50 credit!
  2. Relax! We’ll announce our randomly selected winner on May 1st, 2017 at 12pm. Once the winner has been chosen, we’ll get in touch via Facebook and you can claim your credit.

What lawn care services do we specialize in? We have over 20 years of experience in residential lawn care in Gainesville. That includes:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Edging the yard
  • Weed control
  • Seasonal pruning of trees and woody shrubs
  • Bush trimming and shaping
  • Mulch installation
  • Yard clean-ups after a storm
  • Leaf maintenance
  • Removing debris from the landscape

Ready to win? Head over to our Facebook page and submit your pic!

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Americans love their lawns. What they don’t necessarily care for? Upkeep. Regular lawn maintenance takes time and effort, and many homeowners in Gainesville have too much filling up their schedules to worry about what the lawn looks like. Hiring a lawn care company takes the pressure off, so residents can relax and focus on loving their lawns again. What should you look for in a professional lawn care company?

5 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Service

  1. man with push mowerHow long have you been in the biz? You want to make sure your lawn care team has experience. Mr. Tree has over 20 years of experience working in the lawn care industry.
  2. Are you licensed and insured? Landscapers handle some heavy stuff, whether they’re maintaining the yard or removing dangerous trees. Mr. Tree maintains all required licenses, and our team members are fully insured.
  3. Do you have specialists on the team? When you need shrub maintenance, you want the best. Likewise with tree removal, mulch installation, and weed control. When you schedule a lawn care service, let us know what you need and we’ll send the best person for the job.
  4. What’s the timetable to complete job? At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we do our best to work with you and your schedule. Let us know what you’re looking for when you make an appointment. If we’re not able to meet your needs, we’ll work with you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team always shows up on time and sticks to the agreed-upon schedule!
  5. What’s your guarantee? When you work with Mr. Tree, you can rest easy knowing that your landscaping is in the best hands. We’ll keep your yard looking great all year long.